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   How to Fix Error Embedding Pictures as comments [11/10/16 08:43AM]   
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Embedding Pictures as comments

Hi everybody

I am trying to add pictures as comments in an excel that I am using
locally as a personal database.
The problem is that the excel file is
getting to large.

Is there a way that when I add a picture as a comment, that picture
would not be embedded, instead just displayed, but from my local
hard drive location ? aka using it as a local resource and not embedded
in the file itself ?

And more, is there a way to point, the same way, without embedding
in the excel file the picture, to an url location ? So the comment could
show a picture from a specified url ?
I am using VBA code to automatically add the pictures as comments
from local folders using the current selected cell values as filenames,
and it works, but not for URLs unfortunately.
Don't get me wrong, I do not need the code, I need the approach to
point to a specified URL or local image without embedding it in the

thank you

Anwsers to the Problem Embedding Pictures as comments

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assuming that you have the below URL addresses in cells A1:A5
(as text string not as url)
add the above url/pictures in specific cells: C10, C20, F10, F20, I10
try this...
Sub Add_Pic_In_Comments()
On Error Resume Next
Dim v As Variant
v = Array("C10", "C20", "F10", "F20", "I10")
Dim x As Long
For x = 0 To UBound(v)
With Range(v(x)).AddComment
.Visible = True
With .Shape
.Fill.UserPicture Cells(x + 1, "A").Value
.Height = 90   ' <<< change as needed
.Width = 120   ' <<< change as needed
End With
End With
End Sub
delete comment/pictures
Sub DeleteCmtPic()
On Error Resume Next
Dim v As Variant
v = Array("C10", "C20", "F10", "F20", "I10")
For x = 0 To UBound(v)
End Sub

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